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Upcoming Events: Vegas Trade Show

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Starting a fashion line sounds super glamorous right?  

It’s really so much more than just deciding what looks cute. Building a clothing brand requires a ton of:
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Design
  • Budgeting
One of the most important steps in the creation process is called: sourcing.

Sourcing is the selection of fabrics and should take place approx. 6-18 months BEFORE the product launches to the public.

There's a handful of trade shows that now offer exclusive sourcing exhibitions.

A few times a year, s.e.d. owner, Stephanie, travels to these special events and meets with several fabric/textile manufacturers. These fabric vendors are from all around the world!

Beyond just the fabrics, there are also clothing details to consider. Zippers, buttons, elastic - these are all extra design components that need to be ethically sourced, as well.

s.e.d. searches for high-quality fabrics to create all of our clothing, because that's what will give you a luxurious athleisure product.

On Feb. 10, Stephanie will travel to Vegas for a sourcing trade show for our newest clothing collection. And she wants to know:

What type of fabric do YOU want in our next line of s.e.d. shirts?

Keep a look out for some behind-the-scenes footage on our social media :) 

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