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Instructor Profile: Karissa Omer

Instructor Profile: Karissa Omer
I have been working as a yoga instructor for a year and a half now. I started teaching at 19 years old while I was a freshman in college. What got me started teaching was my love for yoga sculpt. A specific teacher encouraged me to enroll in teacher training and well the rest is history.

Instructor Profile: Nikki Metzger

Instructor Profile: Nikki Metzger
While in Chicago my husband and I would visit Scottsdale twice a year for a few years and just fell in love! We didn’t want to be in the city anymore and we didn’t want to move back to where we grew up. So we decided what the hell let’s just do this! So we moved to Scottsdale and opened up BODI!  Opening BODI has given us the opportunity I give back to the community by inspiring and motivating others to live a more positive healthy lifestyle, andusing the community we built at BODI to help support local charities, food drives and adopting families for the holidays. 

Instructor Profile: Samie Kaczkowski

Instructor Profile: Samie Kaczkowski
Barre3 has completely changed my life and I just love being able to share that gift with others. It truly is such a transformational place!

Founder Profile: Stephanie Blain

s.e.d. founder
Stephanie Blain, has an extensive background in the fitness and apparel industry. From a young age she was involved in sports, leading up to college where she played soccer at Georgia Southern University. At university, she fell in love with group fitness classes and decided that she wanted to become an instructor. 

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Building a clothing brand requires a ton of planning, research, and design. One of the most important steps in the creation process is called: sourcing.

Fitness Instructor Profile: Jennifer Sriro

Jennifer and Stephanie at our launch party

We are excited to introduce our first instructor profile, featuring Jennifer Sriro. She is a dear friend, who inspires in and out of Corepower Yoga Phoenix.

If you catch one of her Sculpt Yoga classes, be ready for a booty-burner! Jennifer also does private personal training to help her clients reach their health and wellness goals.