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Instructor Profile: Nikki Metzger

Q: How long have you worked in the fitness industry and what got you started?
A: Growing up, I played every sport imaginable and was also a dancer. I really found a passion in dance and when I was 12 I said to myself “I’m going to own my own dance studio one day” and from there that’s where my entrepreneur mindset started. Every chance I had to take a entrepreneurship class or work on a business plan I would. During college I worked at gyms and dance studios Teaching dance and fitness classes and as I got older That’s when my love of dance started to be just more a love for fitness and movement. That’s when I decided I didn’t want to own a dance studio I wanted to own a gym! 

Q: What brought you to the Valley and how are you involved in the community?
A: While in Chicago my husband and I would visit Scottsdale twice a year for a few years and just fell in love! We didn’t want to be in the city anymore and we didn’t want to move back to where we grew up. So we decided what the hell let’s just do this! So we moved to Scottsdale and opened up BODI!  Opening BODI has given us the opportunity I give back to the community by inspiring and motivating others to live a more positive healthy lifestyle, andusing the community we built at BODI to help support local charities, food drives and adopting families for the holidays. 
Q: What inspires you to continue working as an instructor? 
A: Nothing is better then being a positive change in someone’s life and showing them how strong and capable they truly are! 
Q: How do you enjoy motivating clients? 
A: I love motivating by making the class experience fun and one they want to keep coming back to. I love challenging them with new exercises and making them feel strong, empowered and unstoppable. 
Q: What do you value most when it comes to workout apparel? 
A: Comfort and ability to perform exercises comfortably is very important to me when it comes to workout apparel but mostly I just  want something that is going to make me feel good! I feel like my workouts are better when I love what I’m wearing haha :) 

Q: What are the top 5 things that you are grateful for in life?
A: My husband, my newborn baby, owning BODI, all the BODI members, living in a city that I love so much.

Q: Describe a time when you experienced a random act of kindness and how it affected you.
A: When we moved into our new BODI location so many members were willing to spend days and nights helping us finish up the space. Also the day we moved all our equipment from the old spot to new spot so many people showed up to help that everything was moved in under 20 minutes! Our community is truly something special.

Q: What puts a smile on your face every day?
A: Waking up with my amazing family and be proud of the life and business we have created :)

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