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Fitness Instructor: Sarah Whipple

From collegiate track star to pregnant instructor, Sarah Whipple is beyond inspiring with her zeal to take care of her own body, while empowering others to do the same. This Phoenix valley native loves Arizona because you get to be active and outside year round. Only a 2-hour drive to the pines in Sedona/Flagstaff and a 5-hour drive away from the beach in San Diego.

Q: How long have you worked in the fitness industry and what got you started?
A: It will be 2 years in June, since I’ve started working in the fitness industry.  It was an easy start because I was an athlete my whole life. I did most sports as a kid, but I fell in love with track and cross country. I ran on scholarship for the University of Oregon, so health, fitness and sports has always been a huge passion of mine!

Q:  What brought you to the Valley and how are you involved in the community?
A: I was born and raised here in Scottsdale, AZ. I moved to Oregon for college and a few years after graduating, my husband and I moved to Scottsdale (February 2016). I am a Lululemon Run Ambassador, so I hold running events in the community, as well as being one of the group fitness trainers at BODI (one of the most highly recommended HIIT gyms in AZ). 

Q: What inspires you to continue working as an instructor?
A: I am inspired by the amount of people who come to my classes, along with the huge variety of levels that come workout. The members in my classes continue to challenge me with questions they have or injuries they may be dealing with. 

Q:  How do you enjoy motivating clients?
A: I like to PUMP PEOPLE UP! They pay to have me train them for 1 hour of their day, so I am going to make their time and money worth it! I know that I get motivated by gifted trainers who are passionate about what they do and that energy is contagious! So why not spread that energy?

Q: What do you value most when it comes to workout apparel?
A: I love workout apparel that is high quality, doesn’t fall down and isn’t see through. 

Q: What are the top 5 things that you are grateful for in life?
A: I can think of TONS that I’m thankful for. My top 5 are my husband, my soon to be baby boy, my health, my immediate family and the close friendships I’ve made over the last 2 years here in AZ. 
Q: Describe a time when you experienced a random act of kindness and how it affected you./span>
A: Just as of recent, I had a member at the gym write me a very, very kind letter about how much he appreciated my classes and how he made it a point to come to my class whenever he was in town. He not only wrote kind words, but he added in some very unexpected cash. I was very surprised and thankful for the words he wrote. It made me smile and made me even more appreciative and thankful for my job!

Q: What puts a smile on your face every day?
A: Waking up to my joyful husband and cuddling pup at 4 am in the morning. No matter what time of day or how crazy life gets, I know that my family will always love me and that’s something I can smile BIG about each and everyday.

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