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Fitness Instructor Profile: Jennifer Sriro

We are excited to introduce our first instructor profile, featuring Jennifer Sriro. She is a dear friend, who inspires in and out of Corepower Yoga Phoenix.
If you catch one of her Sculpt Yoga classes, be ready for a booty-burner! Jennifer also does private personal training to help her clients reach their health and wellness goals. 
Jennifer (left) with Stephanie (right) at the s.e.d. launch party.
Q: How long have you worked in the fitness industry and what got you started?
A: I have always had a passion for fitness from an early age. I have been coaching, teaching, and training for more than 15 years.
Q: What brought you to the Valley and how are you involved in the community?
A: My husband's job brought to Phoenix. I've been involved in the yoga community here since 2008 and the running community for the past two years.
Q: What inspires you to continue working as an instructor?
A: The excitement and change I see daily in individuals!  
Q: How do you enjoy motivating clients?
A: With lots of positive praise and keeping a smile on their face.
Q: What do you value most when it comes to workout apparel?
A: It's important that workout clothing I invest in lasts for a long time and is versatile.  
Q: What are the top 5 things that you are grateful for in life?  
A: My health, family, friends, ability to be active, and the support from my fitness community 
Q: Describe a time when you experienced a random act of kindness and how it affected you.  
A: The amount of community support we received with my son’s shoe drive last year. His goal was to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes - and yes we made it!  It was amazing to see how many people joined him in reaching this goal.  
Q: What puts a smile on your face every day?  
A: Almost everything…but I simply love ending my day with a nice glass of wine! 

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